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Photo credit: Lisa L. Midles

Karen is currently one of few people in the world Certified by The Academy of Oncology Social Work. A distinguished expertise in Social Work for Oncology, Palliative Intervention, and End-of-Life Care.

Karen has served cancer patients and their support systems for more than twenty years. Cancer is like no other disease: it can affect every aspect of one’s life including relationships, body image, sexuality, loneliness, depression, anxiety, coping skills, as well as day-to-day lifestyle and activities.

Even the fear of a potential diagnosis of cancer adds to ones emotional stress. Once confirmed by medical diagnosis the emotional roller coaster adds to the trauma. You do not have to be alone in fighting cancer, but can benefit appreciably from an expert clinician to support you through the entire cancer journey. Family and friends are welcomed, as are well-mannered four-legged loved ones.





Please Contact Karen to schedule an appointment.

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