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Adoption Home Studies

Karen’s perspective is that the home study can be fun and exciting as it is the beginning step to bringing your child home. It is a great opportunity to learn what wonderful parents you will be, and one of the first steps to building your family. Her approach eliminates the intimidation experienced by many families since she provides a stress-free adoptive process. No stress – just joy and fun!

No stress, just joy and fun!

One of the first steps in the adoption process is a home study. This mandatory assessment actually includes both a Pre- and Post-Home Study with all family members in the home. The detailed findings of these reports are provided to the judge involved in the adoption to aid in planning and decision making.

The cost of a home study with Karen is much less expensive than with other providers. Karen  travels to you.
She works with all families regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age. She would enjoy meeting you and becoming a part of your adoption process.


Please Contact Karen to schedule an appointment.


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