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Becoming licensed is a very stressful process. Having a reliable, competent and supportive clinical supervisor makes all the difference. Knowing Karen was there to guide and listen was key to my success. I can not recommend Karen highly enough to other licensure candidates. Karen also helped me navigate my own work struggles, reminding me that enjoying your job is key to being a successful social worker.
-Brittany Dennis, LICSW
I recommend Karen Buckley highly for clinical supervision. Her wisdom, humor, and insight gave me much more confidence in my work and supported me tremendously in my practice in so many areas. Her experience, expertise, and compassion make her an incredible supervisor, and she helped me to develop both clinical and self-care skills that I will carry forward in my practice for years to come. She is a wonderful presence and inspiring teacher–I wish I could continue supervision forever!” 🙂
-Cat Thomas, MSW, LSWA
Medical Social Worker, Hospice Services
Providence SoundHomeCare and Hospice
Karen is a very professional therapist with first hand experience helping clients in many different settings. She was my clinical supervisor for over a year, and while I worked with Karen I was able to grow professionally, process my own personal issues, and learn skills that I continue to use to this day in my career as a Licensed Master Social Worker.  I am blessed to have her as a mentor and a friend.
-Rebecca Pitney, LMSW
Karen helped us walk through our adoption journey. From our very first phone call through our post-placement visit, Karen was a calming, compassionate, and reassuring supporter. Her support and comfort helped us stick through the 2 1/2 year process of waiting for our son to pick us. She has become a dear friend.
“Karen was so expedient and really had our families best interest at heart. Thank you so much for your help!”
~Laura Green
“Karen’s supportive and caring approach has helped many of my patients face the stress of a very difficult diagnosis, treatment and recovery period.”
~Gregory Allen, MD, PhD
RadiantCare Radiation Oncology
“Karen is phenomenal, she helped us with every little step encompassed in the home study for our adoption, she was quick, knowledgeable and very compassionate about her work. My family was very nervous about the home study. When Karen came to our home she was non judgmental, caring, kind, and made us feel so comfortable; we felt like we were talking with a friend, not a social worker. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend Karen highly to anyone!! She helped us make or dreams come true with the adoption of our daughter ,Kali. Thank you Karen!!!!” – Krissy White
“Karen was amazing to work with! As first time adoptive parents we were understandably nervous about completing the home study process, but Karen made us feel such at ease. She was very respectful, caring, and professional. She had wonderful communication and explained everything clearly. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone going through the home study process and would definitely use her in a future adoption. We are so honored to have had Karen be a part in starting our family!” – Joey & KayC Parks
“Working with Karen was without a doubt one of the best parts of our adoption process! She was helpful and supportive every step of the way. We couldn’t be more happy about the family we have become and we will be forever grateful to Karen for being a big part of making it happen.” – Brian, Katrinka and Tigist Mannelly
“As we navigated our way through our adoption there were so many things to do. One of the most daunting was the Home Study and meeting with the Social Worker who would write our report to be submitted with our Adoption Paperwork.”We were so happy to meet with Karen at our home in the Fall of 2008. She was warm and knowledgable. An easy communicator Karen immediately made us comfortable and confident in her abilities to evaluate us as an adoptive couple. She was also helpful in walking us through the process and giving us realistic timelines. We received our report within 2 weeks of our meeting.”In March or 2009 we met our Birth Mother and waited for our son to arrive in June 2009! The birth of our son was such a wonderful and emotional time. We took our new baby home and waited for our final hearing in a few weeks. There were complications when our birth father’s family challenged our adoption and we were delayed about 6 months. We were steadfast in our devotion and intentions to adopt our son. Eventually everyone came to believe he was meant to be with us and we could move forward. That’s when we really knew how fortunate we were to have Karen on our team. She was able to meet with us very quickly as we had to get our final packet submitted in just days! Karen was once again accommodating , professional, and quick. We made our final hearing date of December 24th and our son Jens officially a Nissen on Christmas Eve 2009! Nissen means Christmas Elf in Danish! It truly was meant to be and we know Karen was a big part of our success.”We would give her our highest recommendation !”- Carolyn and Peter Nissen & Jens
“I am incredibly thankful that we were able to work with Karen Buckley to complete the home studies for both of our adoptions. Her kind manner, professionalism, and compassion made an emotional time in our lives much easier. Initially, I was very nervous about the home study so I was surprised that the home study turned out to be one of the most pleasant and positive experiences I’ve ever had.”Karen can make any exchange between two people, from a short phone call to a thorough interview, pleasant and comfortable. Karen listens attentively, asks questions in a non-confrontational manner, and really makes you feel at ease. She is also a good listener. Our completed home study was an accurate reflection of our strengths as parents. I appreciate the time and effort Karen spent to make sure the report was accurate, clear, and thorough.”Our second adoption was completed on a very short timeline and Karen jumped right in, getting our interview completed within 24 hours of our phone call and finishing up the home study within 48 hours of that. We were so grateful for her extra effort. Karen came to the rescue and gave us one less thing to worry about. I could not be happier with our experience working with Karen.” – Julie & Brett Lytle
“We contacted Karen to fulfill the out-of-state pre- and post-home study requirements of our same-sex adoption of our first child from the state of Florida. Karen worked closely with our adoption agency, the adoption attorneys, and us to facilitate the needs of all parties, providing extremely timely and personal reports to help make our dream of starting a family come true!”Karen was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is extremely professional, takes great pride in her work, and devotes a great deal of her time and energy into the social work she does for others. Karen has an amazing ability to make you feel very comfortable during what many consider a very nerve-racking part of the adoption process. Never once did we feel we were being interrogated or asked questions that weren’t relevant to the adoption. The home studies were conducted at times that worked best for both Karen and us, and had the warm feeling of a close friend or family visiting – relaxed and very conversational.”It is with great enthusiasm, we highly recommend Karen and her services for couples going through the adoption process.” – William, Christopher and Preston Hansen
“Doing relief work in the Philippines, seeing the massive destruction and families torn apart, made me really think about how blessed we are and reminded me how grateful we are for all you did for us!  “Thank you again!!!!”- William, Christopher and Preston
“Working with Karen has been an amazing experience.  Her skill, expertise, and obvious compassion for each patient shine through in everything she does.” – Ryan Whisnant | Account Representative, Hospital Systems Great West Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.
Karen truly made something we were both a little nervous about a completely relaxed and enjoyable experience. – Amanda & Travis
“We thought it would be stressful with awkward questions but instead we had fun and enjoyed our time with you. We were definitely blessed to have found you and we are very thankful!
We had fun :)” – Josie and Craig Lucy and Kona
“Thanks again for everything (and especially for making this so painless). We are getting so, so, so excited!” – Amber Coleman
“It has been a great pleasure to work with Karen as our PRCS Outpatient Counselor. We have been so fortunate to have Karen’s many talents, education and experience as an important part of our cancer program. She has excellent communication. I would like to highlight her value of compassion. Karen exemplifies compassion as she meets people critical thinking skills; and organizes her work in a way that she can accomplish the needed care for her patients and families. Karen has been a gift to all of us and will be missed as part of our multidisciplinary team.”
Ann Monaghan, RN, OCN, BSN, MPA
Director, Oncology Operations
Providence Regional Cancer System
“Karen Buckley is an extremely skilled, experienced and compassionate therapist. She has a gift for connecting with cancer patients and their loved ones. We are so fortunate to have her as a trusted resource in our community.”
Cobie S. Whitten, PhD
Psycho-Oncology Consultant
“Karen serves as a great resource for our patients who wrestle with the emotions that accompany the diagnosis of cancer. Her experience and calm demeanor has helped them navigate through treatment with much less fear and anxiety.”
James F Raymond, MD
Radiation Oncologist
RadiantCare Physicians
“I am confident referring our patients to Karen. She is attentive to their needs, supportive, with a great knowledge base of other services to compliment their needs.”
Mara Gunn, RN
Radiation & Oncology
“My supervision time with Karen is so valuable and her guidance has truly helped me grow as a clinician. Karen is an excellent mentor, not only does she provide me with valuable tools and information for my work, she supports individual goals. It is clear that she cares about my well being and success both personally and professionally.”